Seoul International Dance Festival in Tank is held annually in Seoul, Korea to benefit almost everyone who is engaged in dance by offering a variety of dance education programs such as Dance Improvisation, Choreography Workshop, Mentoring Workshop, Dance for Camera, and Classical Dance Works, connecting artists from many different countries to create global networks, and featuring high quality dance performances from many different countries.

In order to offer a platform for many different leveled choreographers to show their newly created works, there are marathon performances for emerging choreographers, marathon special performances for experienced choreographers, and marathon invitation performances for internationally acclaimed choreographers in four tank stages in Oil Tank Culture Park in Seoul Korea. Seoul International Dance Festival in Tank also offers a variety of International Dance Workshops with professional artists based on France and America.

To create global artistic networks, SIDFIT has been tried to create new experimental collaboration works under the program ‘Music& Digital& Dance Co-work beyond genre, nationality, and ages. One of the successful Co-Works is French and Korea Collaborations which creates < Five Bang>. SIDFIT has provided quality dance performances for free to amateurs and general public and, which will eventually lead to connect many different cultures through dance.

The 4th Seoul International Dance Festival in 2021 provided an online and offline workshop hosted by domestic and foreign artists from July 6th to 11th.  85 various dance companies by Korean, American, French, and Taiwanese artists performed either online or offline venues at Oil Tank Culture Park, SIDFIT homepage, and YouTube.

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